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HPS Contract 577 for LED lighting, installation, design, audits: true turn-key solutions that include lighting audits, custom design, distribution, installation and all-inclusive financing packages funded through energy savings


Our customers and prospects all agree that an LED solution is a wise financial choice for their companies. What sets Green Systems apart from other LED companies is our ability to offer true turn-key solutions that include lighting audits, customer design, distribution, installation and all-inclusive financing packages that are funded through the energy savings.

How to determine if LEDs are right for your building?

Green Systems can answer this question for you. Our process is straightforward and will help you determine if LED lighting is right for your application.

  • We will conduct energy audits to determine your current energy usage and let you know how much you can save.
  • We will handle the processing of energy rebates.
  • We provide highly skilled engineers and designers to customize the lighting and will install demos beforehand to ensure lighting quality is what is desired.
  • We provide financing that allows the project to be paid for through the monetary savings from installing LED lighting.
  • We provide all installation through certified electrical contractors.

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