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HPS Contract 497 for sterile processing specialty items, ProFormance cleaning verification kits, Steriking sterilization products, ProTech instrument trays, ProSys instrument care, and more


Healthmark Industries' Mission: To provide innovative and cost effective products that aid our health care industry customers in meeting their sterilization, decontamination, storage, distribution and security needs.

Healthmark products and services can reduce re-cleaning, re-packaging and re-sterilization while meeting industry standards and recommended practices.

All product categories offer a comprehensive program to meet all needs, including AAMI ST79, ST90 and ST91 standards. Many of our products have clinical data to support their use:

  • TOSI Washer Test's effectiveness is well documented and studied; it is the industry standard for medical washer testing and verification.
  • Sonocheckn was the subject of a study on testing for cavitation in sonic washers.
  • Steriking Pouches are the #1 selling pouch and have data to support a five-year shelf life. Data also supports double peel pouching and extended cycle times.

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