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HPS Contract 300 for oral supplements, thickeners and sugar-free products, including Thick & Easy coffee sticks, Healthy Shot protein supplements, Magic Cup frozen desserts, MightyShakes frozen, Med Pass fortified nutrition shakes, Shape & Serve thickener and more.


Hormel Health Labs is a leader in providing nutrition resources to people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), through our Thick & Easy® brand line of foods, beverages and mixes designed to help people continue enjoy their favorite items safely and tastily.

We are also a leader in nutrition for people at risk of malnutrition, which spans many conditions, including cancer treatment, kidney disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease to name a few. Through multiple product lines, we offer a wide variety of highly fortified functional food and beverages.

We are passionate about providing nourishment to people when they need it most.

We are a dedicated team of food scientists, registered dietitians, health care practitioners, and nutrition experts. We work every day with patients, caregivers, top chefs and health care centers to better understand patient needs.

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