The HPS Member-only website is your place to learn more about and to take advantage of all the benefits available to you through your HPS membership. 

Some features:

1. Username and Password Anyone from your organization who needs access to the site is able to do so with their own username and password. All they will need to do is register on the site.

2. Refined Search feature The site’s Search feature is designed to help you drill down and identify which of our contracts offers the specific type of product you are looking for. When searching for something, like “bean” or “chalk,” it will display those contracts that contain those words. This will help you more quickly find those "navy beans” you need or that “chalkboard” you could use.

To identify a specific product in a specific contract, search through its Price List.

The search will display both our vendor contracts and our Furniture, Finishes & Equipment entries.

You can also search by contract number or even category and subcategories.

3. Contact and Pricing information All pricing and contact information is just a click away on the site.

4. Latest News Each time you come to the Member site, be sure to take a quick scroll through the Latest News on the homepage. Here is where we first post information about new and updated contracts, as well as recalls, industry news and other fun things. 

Watch the site in action in this short video.