PO Advantage

The HPS PO Advantage tool allows you to take control of your entire procure-to-pay cycle.

This platform processes every type of procurement transaction, including internal requisitions and transfers, purchase orders, approvals, receipts, inventory or formulary updates, and invoices.

It incorporates all your vendors, including HPS Vendor-Partners like GFS, McKesson, Staples, Lowe's, and every other company you shop with, including online retailers like Amazon.

From one single screen, you can order from multiple vendors. Behind the scenes, PO Advantage communicates with each vendor in their preferred format.

This is the tool you’ve been waiting for: Increase control, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs.

HPS PO Advantage Introduction (1:50 minute video)
HPS PO Advantage Details (5:50 minute video)

Download a one-pager about PO AdvantagePDF

Throughout the purchasing and payment processes, PO Advantage controls spend by eliminating rogue purchasing, ensuring prices reflect your contracts and agreements, alerting you to potential cost savings, and verifying that you receive exactly what you ordered.

Barcode scanners and our mobile app connect you from anywhere, and PO Advantage integrates with your accounting system to eliminate repetitive entries.

PO Advantage’s inventory counts keep you up to date about what’s on hand and when you need to reorder, even across multiple locations. Expiration date tracking reduces waste of pharmaceuticals and limited-lifespan products. Item cross-referencing lets you quickly find substitutes when products aren’t available.

Getting started with PO Advantage is easy and fast. There’s no down time, and our team loads your data, trains your staff, and ensures you’re productive. 

Before you start thinking this will be complicated to set up, with a long learning curve—DON'T!

HPS, or rather MedProcure, the company that developed the tool exclusively for HPS Members:

  • handles the setup using your purchasing information
  • teaches you and your staff how to use the tool
  • is available any time you want to make changes
  • is just a phone call away to answer your questions

In other words, we handle the back end work, and you get the credit for taking control of your organization’s purchasing and supplies management.

Getting Started

Once you sign up for the tool, the PO Advantage Customer Service Manager will contact you about what to expect, and to ask that you pull together information they will need to set up the tool for you, such as vendor names, contacts, GL codes, etc. (They’ll send a simple-to-use form.)

MedProcure takes care of everything from there. They enter your data, and the names of users, residents, customers, etc. They even upload images of the products you purchase, so you know you are selecting what you need.

They’ll also enter the information about all the vendors you purchase from Amazon to special contracts or other arrangements you have, contact names, etc.

All this is followed by a brief training session – it only needs to be brief because the system is so simple to use, typically virtually. Even after then, you are never alone: MedProcure continues to update your tool as requested, and provides live customer support whenever you need it.

Check out the website (poadvantage.com), then email David Quattlebaum at MedProcure ([email protected]) to schedule a demo. The demo is designed to review your goals, demonstrate the tool’s efficient functionalities, and address any questions you may have. It all takes place in about an hour.

Note: There is a small, monthly charge for the tool, depending on how many locations you use it at; HPS Members get the lowest rate. And there is a small setup charge. But like every other HPS value-added offering, it is well worth it. Our job is to help make your life easier while your organization fulfill its mission.