In concert with our Committee Annual Event, HPS is kicking off a new, annual award opportunity that will give you and your company the ability to shine among all of our Vendor-Partners and bring brand awareness and interest to our Members.

Our goal is to use this award opportunity to showcase and highlight your efforts in helping strengthen our Members' communities by helping them fulfill their missions.

Each year, HPS will recognize one dietary and one non-dietary Vendor-Partner based on your efforts in supporting our Areas of Focus throughout the year. The best part is that the award will be scored, voted on, and awarded by our very own HPS Committees, which are made up of our Members. 

HPS Areas of Focus:

  • Accountability
  • Better Communication
  • Enhanced Teamwork & Enriched Partnerships
  • Member Maintenance & Growth
  • Positive Culture

Both award recipients will be recognized at our Committee Annual Meeting. The Committee Annual Meeting brings all of our Committee Members, who oversee all of our contracts and programs, together to celebrate their accomplishments.

Feel free to reach out to the HPS Contracting team ([email protected]) to discuss ways we can help you qualify for this award.