75th Anniversary

We Celebrate!

For us, we celebrate much more than the 75 years we’ve been around.

We celebrate the thousands upon thousands of Members supported, the hundreds and hundreds of communities influenced, and the untold number of people—from babies to seniors—impacted by our little company all these years.

We celebrate our vision being fulfilled since 1949: Strengthening communities by helping our Members fulfill their missions.

We celebrate our Members. We celebrate the great work they accomplish every day. We celebrate their residents, patients, students, campers, clients, friends, loved ones, staff and supporters.

We celebrate the hope and kindness and dreams and future our Members instill throughout their communities. We celebrate the comfort we all have of knowing they are there.

And we celebrate knowing that making it to our 75th Anniversary has little to do with us and everything to do with our Members.

Thank you for our first 75 years.