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HPS Menu Planner

If you are responsible for feeding anyone, especially students, you need our Menu Planner.

With this tool, you create recipes and meals, add the meals to your calendar, then publish it for everyone, including students and parents.

You also have access to shared recipes and meals from other schools. What a way to populate your menu calendar with fresh food ideas as far out as you need!

Since our Menu Planner comes preloaded with all of your specific purchases through Gordon Food Service, with the click of a button you can create your GFS shopping list and calculate meal costs (at HPS pricing).

Some of its features include:

  • Creating cycle menus
  • Creating and sharing meal plans and recipes
  • Tracking nutritional values of individual food, meals and meal plans to meet USDA standards
  • Calculating meal costs
  • Accessing recipes from vendors and the USDA
  • Monitoring available allergen information when available
  • Maintaining production records
  • Tracking 8 Cent Certification compliance
  • Generating required government reporting forms
  • Publishing menus for students and parents

Are you meeting required nutritional standards? Menu Planner shows you. It even completes the 6 Cent documentation you need and alerts you to available allergen info.

With Menu Planner, you will save time, streamline your processes, and create the best menus possible for those you love and feed.

And the tool is free to HPS Members – we built it specifically for you, after all.

Ready? Step one is to register for the tool.

HPS Menu Planner Introduction (2:15 minute video)
HPS Menu Planner Overview (5:52 minute video)   

Menu Planner brochure

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