Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is quite simple: We don’t collect your data when you visit our site, so we have nothing about you to share with or sell to any other company.

When you send us an email, obviously that gives us your email address, but we do not save it beyond whatever transaction you’ve initiated. Once we’ve provided whatever information you sought, we do not continue to keep any information you provided in any special database or file of any type. (Well, we will have copies of emails in our “sent” folders, just as you probably will have copies of emails you sent to us. These are never made available to any organization.)

If you request to meet with someone from HPS, like a Region Manager, to discuss the possibility of becoming a Member, we will share your information with HPS staff members only. They will use it to interact with you, and it will in no way be shared with anyone outside of HPS.

Of course, should you become a Member of HPS, we will need information about your organization so that we can provide the proper level of service to you. None of this information will ever be sold, and it will only be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with exceptional service.

Your information is completely private and safe with HPS. Should you ever have any concerns, call us at 800-632-4572, or email