Who We Are & How We Work


We negotiate the best prices possible with vendors or manufacturers for essentially every type of product our Members would need—from copier paper to food to equipment to cleaning supplies and everything in between and beyond. No matter what your organization needs to buy, we likely have a contract that includes it.

Because of the volume of products our Members purchase, our vendor partners are able to provide significantly reduced pricing on those products. Because of this great pricing, we are able to attract even more Members. And more Members, naturally, lead to even greater purchasing volume, allowing us to continue negotiating even stronger contracts.

Our Members, by buying what they need to operate their organizations through our contracts, save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each year. And through special rebate programs with many of our vendor partners, their savings can grow well beyond that.

By using our contracts, our Members free up money they can use to better fulfill their missions, which ultimately has a positive impact on their communities in many ways.

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Our membership is made up of more than 4,300 organizations in 33 states.

Our Members are generally classified in four core groups:

Medical and Medical Associates: acute and non-acute facilities, including hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, pharmacies, laboratories and imaging centers

Senior Living: skilled nursing, assisted living, long-term care and independent living facilities

Education: public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities

Associates: camps, senior nutritional feeding programs, county governments, religious organizations and jails

This is not a complete list, of course.

To determine if your organization is eligible for participation in our program, or to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Member, call our office at 800-632-4572 or email us at [email protected].


Our dues-based model offers a truly transparent pay structure–your dues are based on what you spent the previous year, and they are capped. (Dues for new Members are based on their projected spend, based on their buying habits before signing up with us.)

What’s more, our model gives you control over your spend–you can change your spending habits and try new product mixes and brands to see how they impact your bottom line, without paying anything additional to HPS. We have no hidden costs.

We believe that our model serves the best interests of our Members, as they go into a relationship with us knowing exactly what it costs to do business with us. In fact, with rebates alone, on average, for every $1 our Members spend on dues, they receive $3 back in rebates. And this is on top of the generous savings they enjoy on the cost of the products they buy.

Membership with us gives you access to our HPS regional contracts, including our powerhouse dietary contract through Gordon Food Service. 

In addition, Members have access to our Furniture, Finishes & Equipment program, which provides tremendous cost savings on things like appliances and furniture, plus assists you in every step of the ordering process through installation.

And then there’s our Design Center, overseeing every aspect of any size interior design project you have, from working with you to flesh out your needs, to coordinating contractors, to ensuring all the work comes together seamlessly.

Helping you succeed is important to us.