Furniture, Finishes & Equipment Program


The HPS Furniture, Finishes & Equipment program makes it easy to find everything you need to affordably furnish, equip and decorate your facility—from lobbies to office spaces to waiting rooms to patient rooms and everything in between.

Unlike other companies, when it comes to helping you with your furniture, finishes and equipment needs, HPS goes way beyond mere low prices. 

HPS stays with you every step of the process, from initial inquiry to installation to troubleshooting. We offer the flexibility, support and peace of mind you need.

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We also have Interior Design services available to Members in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Learn more here.

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Our FFE group maintains relationships with more than 800 manufacturers of:

  • indoor and outdoor furniture
  • flooring
  • furnishings
  • accessories
  • window treatments
  • food service equipment
  • and more


HPS is also your resource for commercial kitchen design, serving lines and equipment to help keep your production high and costs low. 

In fact, we have partnered with Great Lakes Food Service Equipment Specialists. They bring to our Members expertise in the design, engineering and installation of kitchens, coupled with their purchasing power in food service equipment.

FFE Value Promise


The scope of our furniture, finishes and equipment offerings is as broad as anything you need—all it takes is a simple call or email from you to get started. 

Here is our FFE Value Promise to you:

1. Product Quotes

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll get you highly competitive quotes from the most well-respected manufacturers around.

2. Volume Discounts

You don’t even need to ask. If we see you are probably eligible for a volume discount, we’ll initiate talks with the manufacturer for you.

3. Worry-Free Orders

You can rest easy knowing that when we place your order with the manufacturer, we serve as point person for any questions or concerns you or they may have.

4. Installation

In some cases, we’re able to help coordinate installation—we know what to look for and what to ask potential installers.

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5. Formal Bids

When your project requires bids, formal or otherwise, we’re able to respond.

6. Equipment Specs and Drawings

If you need to know more about the products you want, we have the resources to help you receive technical specs and drawings from manufacturers, when they are available.

7. Past Purchases

Need to know what you or your organization purchased five years ago? Seven years ago? Our records are always kept up to date.

8. General Questions

When you have any questions along the way, start with us. If we can’t answer them, we know where to direct you.

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