HPS Contract 570 for personalized multifunction printers and copiers, e-BRIDGE CloudConnect, secure document solutions and more


We empower our people to provide personalized services and solutions to help businesses express their ideas and information.

From copiers and digital signage to business solutions that help streamline any organization, Toshiba is empowering the art of business.

Whatever the size of your company, Toshiba offers a wide selection of smart and secure MFPs and printers to help you work more efficiently.

Toshiba recognizes that security is a growing concern for organizations of all types and sizes; therefore, we have employed innovative methods of protecting valuable data to meet these security challenges.

Most Toshiba MFPs come standard with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology which allows sensitive user data to be securely erased when a system is powered-down or when a SED hard disk drive is removed.

Toshiba's Data Overwrite Kit, also standard on most Toshiba products, overwrites the hard disk drive after each copy/fax/print/scan transaction to prevent storage of private or confidential data. This overwrite process meets the standards established by the U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22M.

These outstanding security features have earned Toshiba’s new e-STUDIO series an exceptional Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level rating of three (EAL3), and support our client’s compliance efforts on compliance regulations such as HIPPA, GLB Act, FERPA, Sarbanes Oxley ACT.

With our document solutions, you stay secure, productive and compliant. Controlling costs shouldn’t hurt productivity. With cloud printing and other innovative document solutions, we’ll help you cut expenses and increase productivity, all while mitigating risks and meeting changing compliance standards.


Kelly Haight
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